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   Eight years ago, after spending eleven days in the hospital, I was recovering on the couch when my daughter put on an anime and took me hostage. At first I hated it, because it seemed like all the characters did was yell at each other, but after a while I was looking forward to the next episode. In the end, when she told me this particular anime only had one season, I got a little mad. Since I couldn’t do much else I started brainstorming ideals. I came up with plots, characters, and setting. I decided to write a series but with real characters, not Japanese cartoons.
  However, like the characters in the anime, my characters would change into animals. After some prompting from a friend, she thought I should turn the series into a television screenplay, so I started writing in a style that fit with different character points of views, and cliffhanger endings. That never panned out though, because I realized I knew nothing about writing screenplays. I was a writer though, so in the books, my characters stayed.
   There were to be three books titled Call of the Raven, Pursuit of the Panther and Rise of the Phoenix. The books were too long, so they were split into their own separate sagas, with eight books each. I know the journeys a long one, but my only hope is that you settle back and enjoy the ride, and get to know the Lake’s, as well as The Union. You never know, they might really be out there…

The Union Series

The Union Theme Songs

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